Idhu Namma Aalu Movie Review

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Director Pandiraj’s Idhu Namma Aalu has finally hits the screen today. The film features Silambarasan, Nayantara and Andrea Jeremiah in the lead roles, while Soori, Arjunan and Jayaprakash portray supporting roles and actor Jai, Adah Sharma and Santhanam appeared in Guest roles. Cinematography by Cameraman Balasubramaniam. Music by the debutant Kuralarasan and Produced by Chimbu Cine Arts along with Pasanga Productions.

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Idhu Namma Aalu Movie Story

Idhu Namma Aalu, is the story of Shiva, an IT company manager, played by Simbu. He lives with his friend Vasu, played by Soori. One day he gets a call from his father saying that he has arranged a meeting with a girl for marriage. This is where Shiva comes across Myla, played by Nayanthara. Shiva falls for her instantly, but here comes the twist. Myla is Priya’s friend, Shiva’s ex girlfriend, played by Andrea Jeremiah.

What follows is a series of cat and mouse game between Myla and Shiva over the phone. Myla is super curious about how Shiva’s relationship began and came to an end. This leads us to the flashback, where the events that lead up to love between Shiva and Priya and their subsequent break up, is shown.

So as Shiva is trying to convince Myla to marry him, Priya is also calling him and asking him to take her back. Myla finally says yes to Shiva and two decide to meet, what happens when they finally meet and whether this marriage will take place or not makes for the rest of the story.


Simbu plays the role Shiva of an IT Guy and a Lover Boy. Definitely You can feel Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa Simbu in this movie. He plays his role just like a walk in the park and the actor shows perfect expressions and acting with his trademark style.

Nayantara looks gorgeous in the movie as usual and plays her role as Myla with perfection. The Chemistry between Simbu and Nayantara was Great and realistic.

Andrea Jeremiah as the second lead role did a nice job and the romance between Simbu and Andrea is sizzling. Also Jeyaprakash as Simbu’s father, Soori, Udhay Magesh & Deepa Ramanujan as Nayanthara’s parents are all did their job well.

Simbu and Soori combo made the movie much more enjoyable. His Witty One-Liners like “enakku nadikkavae theriyaadhu”, “ethanai vaatti daa love pannuvae”, “ellaarum en love ah vachi comedy panreenga” added the perk to the Movie.

Individually all are performed well but story line ???. Director Pandiraj was failed to deliver as a good film like his previous movies. He may lacked due to the problem between Simbu and Nayanthara. First half is OK, but in second half, surely the audience will lost their Patience.

The film ends with Pandiraj’s dialogue against Simbu – Nayanthara “Oru valiya ungala vachi padam mudichiten”. We can also hear the audience voice “Oru valiya unga padam mudinchirichi”