AK61 – Vinod, who began to cry once more

After Nerakonda Pravi and Namath, AK61 marks the third time Boney Kapoor and Vinod have worked together. It has been said that Ajith will portray a negative role in the movie following Venkat Prabhu’s Mangatha.

Mohamad, Ajith’s most recent movie, was met with conflicting reviews. The movie Mohamad has received internet teasing and mockery since it borrows scenes from numerous Hollywood productions.

Ajith has advised the cast to fix the flaws in the strength film in order to elevate the AK61 movie to a new level. As a result, Ajith is happy with all of the movie’s opening scenes that were shot.

In this instance, Ajith has enquired as to whether the movie’s climactic finale has been lifted from any other Hollywood production. They also conducted research on every Hollywood movie and presented Ajith with a report.

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Due to this, Ajith has abruptly halted filming and declared that there is no need to rush the release of the movie; instead, he should take his time, consider his options thoroughly, and provide a hit movie this time around.