As a feminist, acting in sexy songs has no bearing on me!” – Cassandra Regina


Regina Cassandra has appeared in a number of Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films. The Telugu song he danced with Chiranjeevi recently earned positive feedback from fans. Regina discusses it.


There are numerous opportunities to dance in movies on a regular basis. However, I do not chose them at this time because playing similar characters or moving in songs generates an image. Whether it’s a sensual music or a happy song, it has no bearing on my feminist worldview.”


“A few years back, I got the opportunity to act in a song alongside star Chiranjeevi,” he explained in detail. Following that, I was given more opportunities to dance to similar music. The filmmakers reasoned that if I danced in one picture, why not do it in another? I stay away from them since they give the impression of acting in character.

I’ll do it if my prospects are bright. One of my bucket list items is to dance alongside Chiranjeevi. “As a result, I did it.”


Regina stated, “When it comes to acting in sensual songs, “Acting in sexy songs has no bearing on my feminist beliefs. When it comes to criticism, I’m not enraged. Whether the item is a nice song or a joyous song, I don’t care if I’m an actress.”

“It doesn’t influence my philosophy as a feminist because I act in sensual songs,” Regina added, “I’m not furious about it when it comes to criticism. I don’t care about being an actress, whether the item is a good song or a joyful song.”


He also stated that no matter what he does, he will always ask questions “We are left with no answers when we begin to question everything. As an actress, I like every moment, whether it’s dancing to a song, acting as a strong lady, or killing on TV. It’s all part of the creative process. I’m proud of myself for committing to so many activities.”