I observed Tamanna in Not a Spot of Black. Talk of the Radha Ravi affair!

At the song premiere for the movie Kanal, actor Radha Ravi brought up Tamanna, which has caused some controversy.Radha Ravi has generated controversy by advocating for this; previously, she had stated that she would only post about us on YouTube if she discussed controversy in movies.

Is black really that ugly? Radha Ravi’s remarks is being criticised by many people.

Udayanidhi, who also obtained the Cobra of Vikram

M.R. Radha Ravi, Radha’s son and actor, has acted as a villain in many films in Tamil cinema. Attending the music launch of the film Kanal, he talked about what kind of villain he came up with in the cinema as Pompalinga was planning to see me and that was when he would touch me. The audience was shocked to hear that if all this was said immediately, they would not be trending on YouTube with titles.

Actor Radha Ravi intentionally created controversy with his speech at Kanal’s song launch celebration. On social media, Radha Ravi is being criticised by many users for her remarks regarding the actress Tamannaah and for encouraging racism towards white people and black people.

Is that Samantha, Radha Ravi said in an attempt to compliment the Kanal movie’s lead actress. Samantha is not there, Che. Tamanna.. The body contains absolutely no black. I had assumed that I would be playing a role in Glamarathon, but Radha Ravi informed me that Asathi would also be playing a role.

Not all black individuals are attractive. Social activists have started posting their objections to Radha Ravi in large numbers. Additionally, Radha Ravi and actress Tamanna have received praise from fans for their filthy conversation. Additionally, internet users are trolling to find out how Radha Ravi anticipated the popular man to have discussed this.