I’m annoyed when asked such questions. Aparna murali

The lead role in the Surya-starring film Suraraippotru was played by actress Aparna Balamurali. She gained a lot of popularity among Tamil film enthusiasts by appearing in the movie.

In the recent film Sunday Holiday, Aparna Balamurali exhibited her acting talent in the character of.

In addition to acting in Tamil movies like 8 Bullets and Sarvam Thala Mayam, she is also a vocalist. It’s unfortunate that none of the movies She’s acted in have performed well in theatres.

She starred in the movie Suraraipotru which was released on OTT site.

Instead than performing in gorgeous moments, when do they get married? Do you desire a groom, like any actor would? How can I become a man who can marry? That raises a lot of questions unrelated to the film industry.

When I receive such inquiries, I get irritated. Please refrain from posing me these queries.