In person, Rajinikanth paid respect to Vidyasagar death

He was a Bangalore-based computer engineer who was married to the actress Meena in 2009. Nainika, the couple’s daughter, was born.

With the Vijay- and Atlee-directed movie Theri, Nainika made her acting debut on the big screen and pursued fame like her mother Meena.

Meena, an actress, currently resides in the Kotturpuram neighbourhood on Srinagar Colony Avenue. Vidyasagar, Meena’s spouse, contracted the corona virus two months ago.

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Vidyasagar, who was taken to the hospital for treatment as a result, started having lung issues. Vidyasagar, who was being treated for this, passed away last night without receiving any care.

Fans of Meena and movie stars are in mourning over the passing of her spouse Vidyasagar. The movie business is very saddened by his passing. He is receiving sympathy from a lot of famous people.

In this instance, superstar Rajinikanth paid respects to the body of Vidyasagar, Meena’s spouse. Meena, an actress, sobbed hysterically, “Uncle Rajini.” When Rajinikanth noticed Meena crying, he was surprised. There were blindfolds on everyone present.