Manju, the heroine of the Asuran Movie, shook the cinema business.

Actor Manju Variyar is quickly establishing herself as a major Malayalam actress. She appeared in the Tamil film “Asuran,” which was directed by Vetiramaran, and as a result, it can be argued that she has gained notoriety as an actor in the Tamil film industry.

The Union Ministry of Finance’s Central Board of Indirect Taxes currently issues the certificate. In it, the central government presents actress Manju Wariyar with a certificate designating her as a “honest tax payer” because she dutifully paid taxes for the years 2001 and 2022.

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Similar to how the central government awarded actor Mohanlal with this certificate of appreciation for timely completing his GST returns, Manju Warrier also earned this distinction for promptly paying his taxes.

Many social media users are applauding celebrities in this case for acting appropriately and serving as role models for society. They’re both quite occupied with their shoot

Manju Warrier is now on-screen in a Tamil movie with Ajith. In addition to this, a lot of movies are being made for Manju. Mahesh Vettiar, who recently directed the film “Vellarikka Pattanam.”