The choice regarding Vadivelu was revised by Yogi Babu’s film crew.

It has been reported that the name of Yogi Babu’s film has been changed to honor Vadivelu.

As far as Tamil cinema is concerned, every era has a comedian who is popular. Yogi Babu has emerged as the leading comedian of Tamil in the last few years.

He is steadily establishing himself as a stand-alone hero and comedic figure. Currently, Shahrukh Khan’s Jawaan, which was directed by Atlee, also stars Yogi Babu.

Yogi Babu and Oviya were co-starring in the movie Contractor Nesamani at this time. Swadees directed this movie.

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Vadivelu portrayed the role of Contractor Neshamani in Friends. As a game for Twitter bloggers, posting the hashtag PRAY FOR CONTRACTOR NESAMANI became popular worldwide in 2019.

Who is a popular friend among Indians? What went wrong with him? The fact that they asked the question is noteworthy. The contractor Neshamani is the name that is so well-known.

In this case, Yogi Babu’s production team decided to honour Vadivelu by renaming their movie Boomer Uncle rather than Contractor Neshamani.