The Madhavan actor’s wife who shared a kiss with someone else?

Actor Madhavan made his acting debut in the Tamil film Alaippayute under the direction of Mani Ratnam. With his subsequent films, Madhavan—also known as “Chocolate Boy”—became a major hit with the audience.

He travelled to Bollywood in the interim and delivered a re-end with the final film. After that, the movies in which he appeared became huge successes. He is now portraying ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan in the movie Rocketry, which centres on Narayanan’s life.

Madhavan, who overcame several obstacles to make the movie, tried to alter his hair, weight, and teeth. Madhavan recently shared a picture of himself and his wife taken in Nambi Narayanan’s former home in an interview.

This picture was given to my wife’s family. He claimed that they were astounded to see it. According to actor Madhavan, my wife and I even got into a fight over this.