Vijay Sethupathi’s remarks stunned celebrities.

In a short period of time, actor Vijay Sethupathi has become one of Tamil cinema’s most admired followers. His genuine performance has wowed not only the audience but even several movie stars.

Each of the stories he selects will be unique. He began as a supporting actor before rising to become an actor and eventually a villain. The focus is on the persona he puts on. It was able to develop to this size because of this.

Kathuvakkula Rendu Kaadhal, his most recent film, was a tremendous hit with the audience. His wife, who had come to see the movie, caused quite a stir among the audience. Fans held Balabhishekam while Vijay Sethupathi was cut out.

However, fans would rather see Vijay Sethupathi on ODD than on screen. As more films are released on ODD, he applauded the release of ODT. What is the Pan India film, exactly? He claimed that a good film is a Pan India film, which is successful in all languages. He welcomed ODD and shocked the film community as a child growing up at a theatre.