Waiting to update Surya Vaadivasal on the Mass Entry

Surya, the actor, is a comedy in Das Bean Pillai’s numerous films at once to the extent that he is uncertain about the financial commitment to each film.

The list includes films directed by Sudha Kongara, Bala’s Surya 41, Vetrimaran’s Vadivasal, Siruthai Siva’s Vikram 3, and Ravi Kumar’s Ayalon.

In addition to Madhavan playing a guest part in the movie Rocketry, Kamal Vikram also played the role of Rolex in the movie. Surya’s guest appearance in further Kollywood movies is reportedly being kept a secret.

Following the filming of Kanyakumari, the cast has revealed that Surya 41, helmed by Bala, will begin filming in Goa the first week of July. Surya is now preparing for the movie Vadivasal by practising with Jallikkattu bulls. He has taken his family on vacation to the United States in the midst of all this labour. The image and video have gained popularity.

The release film’s final preparations are keeping director Vetrimaran very busy. The movie will reportedly be released in two parts. Following this, there were reports that Vadivasal will release three Telugu movies in quick succession starring Junior NDR, Rajini, and Vijay.

Vadivasal will instead helm the successful film that comes out after the original. According to a different report, he won’t start directing a Telugu movie with Junior NDR till the project is over. The Vadivasal movie’s main picture shoot is already finished. August is reportedly when the movie begins production.

During the initial picture shoot, stills from the Vadivasal movie’s climax were captured simultaneously. Surya’s birthday will either be published on July 23 or July 22, but that has not yet been confirmed.